Language in the Dominican Republic

The official language in the Dominican Republic is Spanish. However, it has changed a bit here. In the Dominican Spanish you can find words that come from Africa and Ancient America. Let’s see how European language acquired foreign words.

History of Spanish language in the Caribbean

Spanish language of Latin America is very different from the classical Spanish that is spoken in Barcelona or Madrid. Why is that so? As you know, the first European to step on the lands of the New World is Christopher Columbus. After him, the new lands were conquered by powerful European countries – England, France, Spain and Holland. In the end, everyone has got a piece of the New World. Spaniards received the largest piece of the cake, and spread their culture, religion and language. Indians that lived in the Western world had to adapt and learn the new language. The same happened with African slaves, which were brought to the island. Over the time, the new language settled in. However, it has been slightly changed, by taking in a number of foreign words.


history of spanish language in the Caribbean


Language in the Dominican Republic - National Traits

Interestingly enough, Spanish language in the Caribbean differs between various regions. For instance, in the Dominican Republic, a papaya fruit is called “Lechoza”, while in Peru it has a regular name – papaya. Do not use this word in Cuba, it is a very bad word, used to call female genitals; so, instead, it is called “Fruta Bomba”.

In the Dominican Republic, Spanish language has its national differences. Here, people like to use slang, which even a professional native Spanish speaker cannot understand. Also, Dominicans love to “eat” letters from words, making it even harder to understand their fast, yet lazy speech.


Language in the Dominican Republic

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