Climate and weather in the Dominican Republic

Wow!!,- you can say! This is a country of eternal summer, lovely smiles, rough cigars and delicious rum! It is impossible to stay indifferent and not fall in love with this island! Ask everybody here and you will get the same answer,- I love this land!

Weather in the Dominican Republic

An extremely popular holiday destination, the Dominican Republic is a tropical and perennially hot resort, and its climate displays very little change despite the fact that there are two distinct and well defined seasons. Just as the average temperature in the island tends not to fluctuate during the calendar year, the weather and climate remains stable across the entire region. While there is a little more rainfall during the wet season, the temperature often peaks at an average of 30 degrees Celsius, with cooler periods registering an average 25 degrees Celsius throughout the year.


Weather in the Dominican Republic

The "coldest" month of a year is January. The temperature at night descents up to......24 degrees Celsius above zero. Hence you can consider over the summer temperature marks – the average point in summer in July reaches 28 degrees Celsius. Actually that is a reason why the Dominican Republic is a perfect holiday resort throughout a year.

Weather in Punta Cana as a main tourist destination does not distinguish from the annual temperatures and keeps the same marks as in tote in the island.

So no matter which month or resort you choose for your vacation – Punta Cana, La Romana or Cabarete - be sure that the weather will please you completely and you come back home with a marvelous tan and unforgettable impression.


What is the temperature in the DR? What is the best month to go on vacation to the DR? In this article we will answer your questions.

Here in a table below we put the temperature indexes of air and water of every month.

 Average monthly temperature in Celcius °C

As you can see the temperature in the Dominican Republic does not fluctuate significantly. However, the personal perception of every season changes depending on the month. Winter for example is considered as the coolest and the driest period. Do not be surprised to see the locals in down-padded coats while tourists are swimming in the ocean. Here even a small fall of temperature is taken as a beasty cold. I personally consider this weather as the most comfortable for living. It is warm but not hot. The ocean is perfect and light wind in the evening creates evening freshness.

Spring is another wonderful season for vacation in the DR. You might be wondered about summer and autumn. It is very hot in summer and rainy and a little stormy in autumn. But storms here are very short as a rule and do not inconvenience much. Actually that is a time for a short relaxation for this beautiful piece of land.

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