Fun Fun cave

Price: 155 $

The Fun-Fun cave is the largest stalactite cave of the Dominican Republic, located in the national reserve "Los Haitises". You have to go 18 meters down and overcome several kilometers of an exciting adventure. The road from the hotel in the Bavaro/Punta Cana zone to the ranch will take about three hours. At the ranch you will find a breakfast of tropical fruits and briefing. The way from the ranch to the cave you will overcome on horses (about 40 minutes). Then you will walk through the jungle, where you will get acquainted with the local flora and fauna (40 minutes). Next, you will descend 18 meters into the cave, the realm of stalactites, stalagmites and underground rivers – the masterpieces created by nature itself. The cave is dominated by bats. Fun-Fun got its name from the sound that their wings emit when flying. In the ancient times there was the Indian settlement, and their walled letters and idols are preserved to this day. Wide underground passages will change into narrow corridors, firm ground by underwater grottoes, where stretched rope will be the only support. After the cave you will be greeted with a pleasant surprise of cold beer. At the ranch you can take a shower, change clothes and have lunch.

Adult price: $ 155 per person.

Cost for children: $ 90 per person (from 11 to 13 years).

Days of the excursion: Monday, Wednesday, Friday.

Duration: 12 hours.

What's included: Transport, equipment, breakfast, lunch, soft drinks.

What to take with you: Socks, change clothes, swimsuit, towel, water, and camera (waterproof).

Tour limitations: Pregnant women, children under 11, people with heart problems and people with disabilities cannot take part in the excursion.

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