Amor All-inclusive

The beach Amor is an ideal place for organizing wedding ceremonies in Punta Cana. Unless you want all other guests from the hotel you’re staying at to become witnesses of your intimate elopement, we highly recommend opting for a private beach. The trip from Punta Cana to Amor generally takes up to 30 minutes. Before heading off to the beach, however, the bride will visit a beauty salon where our professional and English-speaking stylists will make sure she looks ravishing. Then the groom and the bride will be taken to the beach in different transportation vehicles, so that they won’t see each other before the ceremony.

The ceremony itself is held by an English-speaking officiant. A truly dedicated photographer and a cameraman from our team will capture all the precious and touching moments of the ceremony. Afterwards, you rest, eat fruits, drink champagne, and have some time for yourselves.

Then we continue with photo and video shoots and safely take you back to the hotel. Since we’ve been working on the market for 10 years, we possess all the necessary licenses and have a certificate of insurance. As safety is our key priority, we collaborate only with trustworthy and official partners.

*Please note that this ceremony is a symbolic one.