Cave Diving

The Dominican Republic is one of the few places in the world with a vast number of caves, most of wich are located underwater. There you will admire the beauty of stalactites, crystal clear water, explore varied and mysterious routes and so much more! AOWD certification is needed to embark on this cave diving tour. If you don’t have it, you can gain the certificate in our diving center.

2 Caves "El Chicho" and "Padre Nuestro" - $250
The freshwater cave "El Chicho" is situated in Bayahibe. The cave stretches for 350 meters. We will explore the first hall of the cave which stretches for 120 meters. The second cave ‘Pedro Nuestro’ is situated near the cave ‘El Chicho’ and consists of two halls with unusual stalactites and stalagmites. You will find yourself in a magic fairytale world!

La Sirena Cave - $300
This freshwater cave is situated near Santo Domingo and is considered to be one of the most unique caves in the world. Its total length is 400 meters and its depth - 44 meters. The entrance of the cave is decorated with abundant vegetation. The transparency of water is majestic, and every stone can be seen at the bottom of the lake. The cave has many tunnels and some of them are still unexplored. And in one of the tunnels at a depth of 18 meters there is a huge hall filled with salt and freshwater. This phenomenon is called halocline. Everything gets blurry with the mixture of fresh and salt water but the effect may disappear after getting out of the tunnel. After the dive a delicious lunch will be waiting for you in a seaside restaurant (the bills are paid individually).
What’s included
What to take with you

What’s included

Transfer from and back to the hotel, diving equipment, dive

What to take with you

Swimming suit, sun cream, towels, water, snacks


For people with certain medical conditions
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