If you’d like to take up a diving training course or continue your diving education, our professional instructors would be eager to help you. All dives take place in the Caribbean Sea.

Scuba Diver (2 days) - $320
During the first day you will be studying the theory yourself using the video that we’ll send you. You can watch it in your hotel or even before arriving in the Dominican Republic.
On the Second day you will put your knowledge into practice and make two dives in the Caribbean Sea. Each dive lasts for 35-50 minutes and takes place at a depth of 10-12 meters. Afterwards you can gain a certificate (paid 30$ extra).

Open Water Diver (3 days) - $420
Having completed successfully the Open Water Diver course, you will be able to dive on your own in different parts of the world and rent the diving equipment for amateurs. This course can open a world of new possibilities for you! This course lasts for 3 days.
Day One: In your hotel you watch a theoretical video and answer the questions.
Day Two: You have a diving lesson with an instructor in shallow water and put your knowledge to the test. Then you’re going to have one dive in the Caribbean Sea lasting for 35-50 minutes at a depth of 10-12 meters.
Day Three: You will have 3 dives in the Caribbean Sea, each lasting 35–50 minutes and takes place at a depth of 12-18 meters. On this day you will also have to take a theoretical exam. After a successful completion of the course, you’ll gain a certificate (paid 30$ extra)
What’s included
What to take with you

What’s included

Transfer from and back to the hotel, education, diving equipment, dives in the Caribbean Sea, refreshing drinks

What to take with you

Swimming suit, sun cream, towels, water, snacks


For people with certain medical conditions and for children less than 10 years old